to May’s Domain!

It is my blog.

A long time ago I had a gazillion ideas of how to market and design my ideas to cater to my audience.

While that is still heavy in my process, I have been reluctant to speak freely for some time. As a result, my blog was just that, a good idea I have not allowed to bloom.

I love the idea of traveling and eating. Someday that will manifest I am sure; I certainly will hope that will entertain you all.

After walking away from a stable, corporate position for a couple of years, and changing careers drastically as the pandemic continued to pose an emotional, psychological, and (naturally) physical threat– I managed to consider what I feel like are some more of life’s important questions…such as, am I happy? Do I feel fulfilled in all that I do? Am I spreading/ sharing energy that inspires? What do I care most for in life? What brings me great joy and stimulation?

And it became clear what I needed to change to really experience a benefit of purpose- Joy. Belonging, a sense of mutual love and support, focus on opportunities that present themselves, but also great caution because health should be the focus of how I communicate with myself AND others.

And now, a blog. Again. I almost want to laugh at myself for the simplicity of needs to be met, and yet I won’t. In all seriousness, that is a very hard thing to access, especially if that is not what you’re accustomed to/ expecting to happen.

Which made me think, having an expectation is not really allowing new opportunities to present themselves. It is with the intent that we will have the same situation play out over and over again, with little to no change. More energy is lost in this thought process as when something new occurs, and we take it with little to no expectation, we gain more energy from inspiring ourselves to change.

Just some food for thought.

Also, I’ll be posting some more videos from here on out so if you like Tarot/are interested in learning more, I got you~ At least we can go on this journey together and explore new opportunities to think about a current situation/ current thought.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you love and peace on your path.