End of a Long Day

Not much, and everything to say all at once. Letting things go, one by one, I realize this physical world is only for a limited time, so when I smile, it will be really worth it. 🙂

Most of the time, I barely post any of my photos because I am both exhausted and sad, and I have hidden this from the public eye for some time because perhaps I subconsciously have trained myself to take a picture that many people will like and for a moment a false sense of confidence crops up and I think I am close enough to someone who can “see the real me” or whatever version I created in my mind to begin this blog, and it is the very end of a long day-

so here are some photos of me after this pandemic hit, how many would you say look like I am at the “end of a long day”?

Let’s start with this photo I took two weeks ago….I really tried, lashes, green eyeshadow…ultimately washed everything off after 30 minutes of dissatisfied photography.

And I am not judging myself either, more so I am observing with concern…

Now, also thinking about it, this truly has been the longest summer so far, and the humidity, the smoke, there’s a lot to consider as far as having energy is concerned.

Loved the smell of these flowers, wanting to sleep, somehow caught between both worlds way back in July. Definitely “the end of a long day”.

Another “end of a long day” vibe back in June. I am convinced that I could find one for every month since this pandemic started, but that’s more dramatic than what I am going for. How about two more to prove the point I was trying to make at the beginning of this blog, cool? Cool.

August 2020, at a pretty low point mentally and emotionally. Again, it was “the end of a long day” feeling.

From last October 2020- end of the day, but hey, at least I was cozy with my family. I guess the “end of a long day” selfie can still evoke some joy.