Full Moon in Taurus

It’s an eclipse baby, you’re welcome. We need this; last month was a full moon in Aries- Ramping us up to get started with some initiating energy- much like Ace of Wands energy- we were starting something new.

We, like the moon, have a mirror image of ourselves that we meet at night when we go to sleep, and this is where the “magic” begins to happen. If you like Astrology, and have a good sense of every astrological sign, then you recognize that each sign shows up between 12 months to show a transition not only in nature but in human nature also. And Aries energy can get really charged up, so when Taurus energy comes into play, like the Nine of Pentacles, expect yourself to indulge in what you desire with no guilt or shame, just embrace the beauty of your own human nature and bask in the dreams that help create the future you most desire, without fear or worry, otherwise the dreams have no room to come true. At least, this is the influence that is resonating with me.

There are a number of things a person can release and manifest during the phase of each moon cycle- approximately 28 days to get rid of an old habit, 28 days to develop a new habit or interest, and 28 days to make it a habit of your current lifestyle. There are some things that are harder to let go of than others, so I like the Moon phases because of this development that occurs like a ritual of self-care. The Moon illuminates and reflects illumination in a mirror image of itself at night.

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