some free flow thoughts

Like Tarot? Like philosophical/ spiritual discussions? Me too! I struggle with updating often under the assumption that people don’t share much more than surface interests.

So grateful to recognize how unrealistic that mindset truly is. In relation to this, I am feeling brave enough to finally post content that Facebook has not given proper notice of, as in, everyone else’s algorithms are destined to look at fantasy and not reality. Or perhaps emphasizing fear and worry to impose manufactured judgments to continue separating than connecting as the slogan once advertised.

The time I’ve exited this social platform has only improved my mental health and ability to finally say what is on my mind so that someday, someone out there will listen to what I am saying and maybe align with similar values and beliefs.

This is not a requirement, but being without toxic distractions has only promoted hope and peace in my daily life. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

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